TRiLIGHT - LED Motion Ceiling Light



New motion sensing LED ceiling light providing a blinding 3000 lumens with only 25 watts of power. The perfect upgrade for you garage, attic, utility room and more.

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Runtime50,000 hrs

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The TRiLIGHT is as easy to install as screwing in a light bulb and it casts 3.8 times more light than a standard 60W light bulb. Turn on the sensitive 360 degree motion sensor and the TRiLIGHT will automatically illuminate your space when you enter the room, garage door moves, or when you drive into your garage. Using an environmentally friendly 25 watts, the TRiLIGHT is the easiest and most cost effective lighting solution for your garage, attic, basement, or any room!

Trilight - LED Motion Sensing Ceiling Light - As Easy As Screwing In A Light Bulb

This innovative light will flood your garage with 3000 lumens of light, but will only use 25 watts of power. For those of you running comparisons in your head, let us help you. A traditional bulb only puts out 800 lumens of light and burns 65 watts, and for those "mathletes" out there, here are the numbers. The TRiLIGHT is 3.8 times brighter and 2.6 times more efficient. By my calculations, that means you can now adequately illuminate your room, save money on your power bill, and be an environmental hero!


  • 3000 Lumens light output
  • 3.8 times brighter than a standard 65 watt light bulb
  • 360 degree motion sensing technology
  • Screws into a standard light socket (E26)
  • Adjustable heads to angle the light
  • 5400K light color (daylight white)
  • 25 watt power consumption


  • 1 x TRiLIGHT motion sensing ceiling light


Saved me a ton!

I had a local Electrician come out to the house and he wanted to charge me over $300! The Trilight is brighter and cost a fraction of that! Not to mention the light comes on when I walk in the garage! Awesome product!


    I was really impressed with this product. high quality. Brighter than expected. Good buy. I bought 3 more as it is cheaper than paying an electrician to wire in florescent lights.

      More than satisfied

      I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the TRiLIGHT. Makes a huge difference in my garage.


        Better have sunglasses on if you plan on enjoying how cool this light looks when it is turned on! :) Love it. Motion sensor is sensitive as can be.

          These are very impressive lights!

          I just received a couple of these as Christmas presents from my wife. After swapping out a couple of 60w led bulbs to these my garage is COMPLETELY lit and VERY bright. I had planned on installing some extra light fixtures in the back where it was dark but these TriLights are so bright and having the ability to move the direction of the light I am able to get away with not having to wire up new fixtures. All in all these are very impressive lights!


            I love the design and the brightness in my garage.


              Got my lights and they are awesome! I also thought they weren't turning off so I turned the wall switch off then on. However, I didn't realize just how sensitive (and awesome) the motion sensors are. One picked me up walking outside past a window. The lights activate as soon as the entry door opens 1/2". Love them!!!


                I received my striker lights for my garage this weekend. Wow they are bright and light up every nook and cranny. Love that.

                  Impressed by the finish quality

                  I was one of the early backers when this was presented on Kickstarter. Striker was awesome throughout the entire crowdfunding campaign and they pulled through with an awesome product. The finish quality is better than I expected. Plus, performance wise, it is bright. My garage is much brighter. The motion sensor works flawlessly so far. I wish I bought 2 while they were available!

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                  TRiLIGHT - LED Motion Ceiling Light

                  TRiLIGHT - LED Motion Ceiling Light

                  New motion sensing LED ceiling light providing a blinding 3000 lumens with only 25 watts of power. The perfect upgrade for you garage, attic, utility room and more.