Capsule 4 in 1 flashlight / headlamp



Four Lights in One. A Headlamp, Magnetic Work Light, A Right Angle Task Light, and a Flashlight

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The Capsule 4 in 1 flashlight is a powered LED module that can be used alone, or in coordination with one of the four included multi-functional accessories.  Attach the Capsule to the contoured 7/8” head strap, and it functions as a headlamp that can rotate 180 degrees to light any crawlspace, engine bay, or campsite while keeping both hands free for use.  The magnetic base enables the Capsule to rotate, lock, and aim light, hands-free, in any direction while it is magnetically attached to a ferrous surface, or simply resting on non-magnetic surfaces.  Stick the magnetic base to the hood of a vehicle to shine light on an engine bay, or rest the stable base on the bottom of a kitchen cabinet to shine light upwards when trying to repair a leaky pipe.  The spring steel clip attachment allows the user to clip it to a belt, pocket, or tactical vest to function as a right-angle work light.  It can also be attached to gear or backpack straps to project light all around when hiking.  Finally, the lanyard accessory secures the Capsule to the user’s wrist, allowing it to rest comfortably in the palm, so the user can comfortably aim light and easily adjust light output with thumb and forefinger control.  This compact, hand-held option transforms the Capsule into the perfect light for walking the dog after dark, or the “go-to” emergency light in the car or a purse!


To add to the versatility and ease of use of the Capsule, this task light boasts a large rotary switch, which is centrally located and easy to grip, twist, and adjust light output, even when wearing gloves.  The Lumen Tech LEDs produce extremely smooth, wide-angle light, allowing this compact light to shine brightly lighting up large work areas!  Whether the user is a do-it-your-selfer, camper, hobbyist, cyclist, or weekend warrior, the Capsule has the functionality needed for the task at hand.


Good value

Great value for what you get in the package. Handy light with options.


    Surprisingly comfortable when used as a headlamp


      I use it all the time when I'm fixing things around the house

        Accessories are great

        Having the extra accessories is really great. I use this light for everything from camping to fixing things around the house.

          bright light

          really useful having the extra attachments too especially when working on my truck

            Great product just needs a pouch

            The product works great and I like that I can use it in different situations. Wish it came with a pouch to put the attachments in, but I found a cheap one online.

              mechanic's dream

              There are a lot of headlamp lights out there, but, this is the best one yet! It's nice and bright even when smeared with grease, the light itself is moveable which is perfect when youre in a tight spot and definitely can't hold a flashlight. If you ever find yourself under a car, this is one of the most valuable tools to have with you.

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                Capsule 4 in 1 flashlight / headlamp

                Capsule 4 in 1 flashlight / headlamp

                Four Lights in One. A Headlamp, Magnetic Work Light, A Right Angle Task Light, and a Flashlight