Tough Skin - Palm Protectors


Lightweight hand protection against blisters and vibration.

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Striker Tough Skins are the most lightweight hand protector for blister and vibration protection available. 

Knowing the debilitating effects of blisters, it was the goal of the Striker engineers to develop a solution that offered full coverage protection to the areas of the hand which are affected by intense friction, rubbing, heat and moisture. In order to create the necessary armor, Striker has produced Tough Skin.

Tough Skin is designed to protect the most vulnerable areas on your palm from blisters and vibration. They are a very thin, protective layer offering full coverage protection of the palm as well as the saddle area between the index finger and thumb. They slip easily over your hand. They are lightweight and do not hold in heat and moisture like traditional gloves. If additional protection is needed one can wear them under work gloves and still retain all the same benefits. They are great for yard work, mowing, shoveling and raking. They are also the perfect protection when rowing, waterskiing, jet skiing, biking and weight lifting.

Each Package contains a Left and a Right handed Tough Skin


Perfect for gardening

I use to get horrible blisters while working in my garden. No gardening glove that I bought had enough padding or protection. These saved my hands!

    keeps hands from going numb

    I have a landscape company and use mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, etc. These keep my hands from going numbs with vibration. Thumbs up!

      Kayaker's Dream

      I love to Kayak, I hate blisters. Did a quick internet search and found these and decided to give them a try. What a HUGE difference they made. Definitely made a fan out of this customer!!

        four stars

        Saved my hands doing yard work. You can get garden gloves around the same price but I find these to be better when handling tools.

          Great in the gym

          I use them every day in the gym. My hands feel great when working out. Actually a big difference. Highly recommended.

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            Tough Skin - Palm Protectors

            Tough Skin - Palm Protectors

            Lightweight hand protection against blisters and vibration.