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Park your car EXACTLY where you want it!

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The Garage Parking Sensor is designed to take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces. It features ultrasonic range finding technology to accurately locate your car within your desired parking constraints. Set the stop distance anywhere from 6 inches to 6 feet from the wall, or whatever is infront of your car when parked (workbench, shelf, etc.).  

Simply mount the base unit on the wall in front of the car at bumper level. Then mount the adjustable signal light in a position easily viewed from the driver's seat. As the driver approaches The Garage Parking Sensor they will see a green light indicating it is safe to proceed. As the car nears the sensor, a yellow light will illuminate as a warning to slow down. Finally, when the car is in the desired parking distance from the sensor a red light will illuminate, signaling the driver to stop the car. It makes parking as easy as 1,2,3!

The Striker Garage Parking Sensor eliminates the dents and dings from garage "fender benders" and allows you to safely close the garage door every time. It is easy to install and comes complete with all mounting hardware, instructions and warranty.

ILLUMiDOME Mini Waterproof Lantern Light Output


Thank you Striker!

Thank you so much for inventing this product! My wife is the absolute worst driver in the world and she ALWAYS ran into the garage wall or hit my car with her car door. Since we got the parking sensor, she hasn't had one accident! THANK YOU!

    Like a video game

    Parking is fun now. I like it. Cool garage product. Noticed an earlier review about the double sided tape and changing batteries. Mine came with tape for the sensor and Velcro for the body with batteries. Works great.

      automotive instructor

      Oh dear Phil.....glue a velcro tape to the light and the wall or whatever. You can remove it to change the batteries in a second. Cheers


        Works just like a stop light and brings me to the exact right spot every time I pull in the garage. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!

          garage parking sensor

          I fixed the sensor using the provided double sided tape - now how do I insert the non provided batteries ??

            Easy to use

            Bought a laser sensor and it was a pain to try and set up. I took it back and got one of these. Took me less than 5 minutes and works great every time. I would recommend it.

              Fun and accurate

              I mounted this in my garage. Was an easy process. Turns out it is kind of fun to use. Makes parking your car like a game. Bought a second unit for my 2 car garage. Good purchase.

                Better than a tennis ball

                I like the product. Works as expected.

                  Simple and Effective

                  Love this product and it was super easy to set up! I drive a extended cab, long box pick up and the builder of my garage must have owned a compact. I barely fit. I set the sensor at 8 inches and pull in perfect every time.

                    So Far So Good

                    Have only had the product a couple of weeks but it does exactly what it is designed for. Press one button to set the distance from the wall to your vehicle. Ease of use that's what I'm talking about.

                      Saving my toolbox

                      I mounted this right to my full size tool box to stop my wife from hitting it. It works as described. She now stops with enough space for me to just barely open the drawers...sometimes anyway, but she's a drinker. ha ha.. Just kidding. Cool product. Thanks!

                        Karl - Western Australia

                        Have had two of these units running for over a year now. great divice and allows you to park forward for maximun clearance to the car boot. Also saves damaging the car front bumper by accidently touching the wall.
                        I would recomend this product

                          Tight Space

                          We have a lot of stuff in our garage that makes it difficult to park. This product works great!

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                          Garage Parking Sensor

                          Garage Parking Sensor

                          Park your car EXACTLY where you want it!

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